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When You Need More Information

When You Are Looking For More Information

PlanDirect Underwritten plans: Are you self-employed or a contract worker with limited or no benefits? Click here to learn about Canada Life’s PlanDirect Underwritten health Insurance Plans. 


PlanDirect Guaranteed to issue plans: Are you retiring or about to lose your current coverage? PlanDirect is great for people leaving prior coverage, or are retiring or nearing retirement. Click here to learn about Canada Life’s PlanDirect Guaranteed to Issue health Insurance Plans. 

Get an MRI or CT scan in days, not months. With Elite Diagnostic Imaging Service wait times are reduced to a matter of days (72 hours) so that you and your physician can quickly move forward with diagnosis and treatment.  Click here for the brochure, click here for more information or fill out the Enrolment Form Here.

A Private Health Services Plan (PHSP) also known as a Health and Welfare Trust (HWT) is a plan that allows you to pay and deduct 100% of your health and dental expenses in a tax-effective and cost-efficient manner. Click here for more information,  or click here for the Flexsave Application Form.

Access expert advice on individual stocks and bonds, and award-winning online trading, through Qtrade in alliance with London Life. Talk to us to find out more, or go to the brokerage services page at 


Introducing Estate at Ease, offered through Canada Life. Managing a loved one’s estate can be an additional stress for Executors. Estate at Ease estate documentation and identity theft protection service can alleviate some of this burden. If you like to learn more, please visit